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Who Deserves the 2020 Reggae Grammy? We Ask The Experts Their Predictions

Who Deserve 2020 Reggae Grammy, We Ask The Experts Their Predictions

The Grammy field of nominees for Best Reggae Album for 2020 has music experts excited. Many critics convinced, internationally reggae is on the right course. They include Reggae sensation, Koffee for her “Rapture” EP. She is the most popular artist in Jamaican music globally for 2019. Her success with the single “Toast” certified “Silver 200,000 copies in the United Kingdom, serve as her anthem, used for her introductory walk and stage dancing to the song at the finals of the competition by Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh as she won the Miss World title. Koffee dominated the Billboard Reggae Charts. The song was included on First Lady Michelle Obama’s workout and President Barack Obama’s summer music playlist and also made his favourite songs of 2019 playlist. Koffe’s schedule is to join Cardi B, Chris Brown, DJ Khaled, head headliners Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, to perform during the Super Bowl Half-Time Show set for February 2 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Julian Marley for the album “The As I Am”. Will the Marley mystique help him to prevail on his second nomination? Sly & Robbie & Roots Radics, “The Final Battle: Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics”. This is the duo 12th Grammy nomination. They won in 1998 for the album “Friends”. This is Roots Radic’s first nomination as a band. Steel Pulse’s fifteen years in the making album “Mass Manipulation” is being hailed by the critics as their finest nomination since won the Best Reggae Album Grammy in 1986 for the album “Babylon The Bandit”. Third World, the nine-time Grammy-nominated Reggae ambassadors’ despite the loss of lead vocalist Bunny Ruggs, their Junior Gong produced album ‘More Work to be Done” is their best work in decades. “More Work To Be Done”. Here are the experts’ predictions and why they chose them.

Sydney White, PhD. Former NPR media executive and CEO and programmer of Kingston 12 digital radio -“Steel Pulse should win. From the music standpoint, theirs is the best of album or EP nominated. For this year all the albums deserve the nomination

Karl Anthony, Veteran radio personality from RJR (Jamaica) and WLIB (New York City) “the Caribbean Pride and Joy” – Third World is my choice, this one of their best albums in a long time. Plus their body of works stands the test of time

Dermot Hussey, OD musicologist, a veteran of Jamaican radio and host of the Joint Sirius XM Radio – I want to see Third World win their first Grammy, and this year seems to be the best opportunity they have with a very good album, which demonstrated that they were able to reinvent themselves. I think for a group, who has been a major one, it’s about time.

Tony Car, 40 Year radio veteran and Host: This is Reggae Music WPFW Washington DC. – My choice is Third World “More Work To Be Done” This the most complete album released in 2019. Well produced and contain at least three-big hits. The best album by 3rd World in many years

Clinton Lindsay The Foundation Radio Network – Third World “More Work to be Done” is the best reggae album of the year. It is one the best reggae albums in quite a while. I haven’t been this excited a reggae album since Sizzla’ The Real Thing

Kevin Jackson Entertainment Writer Jamaica Observer – I truly believe that Koffee deserves the Best Reggae Album Grammy. And if it doesn’t go this way, the wrong signal will be sent. Nothing about time a female win, but Koffee and her team have worked hard over the past year. My thing is this, if you put in the work, people should be rewarded. Not saying that none of the other nominees didn’t put in hard work. If we are being fair, Koffee was the most visible reggae act last year in mainstream America. That alone in itself is a win.

Lloyd Stanbury O.D Entertainment Attorney and Music Business Consultant – Third World “More Work To Be Done”. Why? In my opinion, it is the best collection of recordings in terms of songwriting, production and variety

Fitzroy Francis Record Producer at Mightyful13 Records – I think “Third World” should be given the Reggae Grammy Award because of their consistency and durability in the music industry high and low tides. As a group that spans over 4 decades with unblemished and transcending music, it would be an honour to see them achieve this feat. Notwithstanding, my choice is Koffe’s “Rapture” because I see it as a transition of the guard and an encouragement for aspiring and upcoming artistes.

Francine Chine Veteran Jamaica radio personality. Host on 1095 JAMZ.com in New York City & Kool 97 FM in Jamaica. – Third World is my choice the reggae Grammy. More Work To Be Done is a great album, it is well-produced, well-arranged with great songwriting. This group is long overdue

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