Remembering Winston Merritone Blake

Winston Merritone Blake, OD passed away on Saturday February 27, 2016 due to what was described as asthmatic complications.

An icon in the music industry, he was a record producer, promoter, sound system operator and proud husband of the late Cynthia Schloss. Merritone music was responsible for the production of hits for Hopeton Lewis sixties and seventies, such as Take It Easy, Sounds and Pressure. From the early seventies and lasting for twenty-eight (28) years, the Merritone family operated the popular Turn Table Club Red Hills road. However, over the past few years Merritone has been permanent fixture at the Waterfall Night Club in Ligunea, St. Andrew, where they played every Thursday Night attracting solid and reliable following to the club on those nights.

Anyone born in the sixties or seventies would have grown up to the Merritone Sound. The brothers attracted massive appeal in the Diaspora and locally when they started the Merritone reunion in the early nineties. The reunion which would become an annual event with a weeklong of festivities originally started in Montego Bay but would eventually be held in Kingston and various hotels on the North coast.
Winston Blake was seventy five at the time of his passing and is survived by his brother Monte along with his children.