21 Best Things to do in Jamaica

21 Best Things to do in Jamaica - Blue lagoon, Jamaica

Jamaica is a preferred destination and well-known around the globe for its warm climate and white sand beaches. While visitors can sit on the beach in Jamaica and soak up the sun if they’d like, there’s also a wide variety of activities and experiences that are uniquely Jamaican to enjoy.

  1. Appleton Estate – Tour the estate that’s been making rum for 265 years. Visit the restaurant, bar and gift shop.
  2. ATV Tours – Ride the trails during a guided tour and take in the view at the top of the mountain.
  3. Bamboo Rafting – Relax on a guided voyage down the Martha Brae River, while learning about the local culture and history.
  4. Bioluminescent Lagoon – It’s one of the few bioluminescent pools in the world. Microorganisms give the pool a beautiful blue glow.
  5. Black River Safari – This is for anyone that wants to see crocodiles up close.
  6. Blue Lagoon – Enjoy a dip in the turquoise waters. Part of the filming for the Brook Shields movie “Blue Lagoon” took place here.
  7. Blue Mountains Tour – Learn about Blue Mountain coffee, one of the most highly sought in the world, and buy a bag to take home.
  8. Bob Marley Museum – The museum honors the iconic musician credited with bringing reggae to the world.
  9. Rick’s Café – Enjoy Jamaican cuisine and watch while daring cliff divers drop 35 ft. to the water below.
  10. Devin House Mansion – The historic mansion was the home of Jamaica’s first Black millionaire. Stop at the famous Devon House I-Scream shop and try the flavor made from Devon Stout beer.
  11. Dolphin Watching – Enjoy a private dolphin watching cruise, followed by a private, romantic dinner on the beach.
  12. Dunn’s River Falls – The three-tiered waterfall opens to the Caribbean Sea and was featured in the James Bond film “Goldfinger” with Ursula Andress emerging from the water.
  13. Green Grotto Caves – Famous as the set of the shark tank in the James Bond film “Live and Let Die,” over the years it’s been a nightclub, a hideout for runaway slaves, and a place that pirates stashed their loot.
  14. Greenwood Great House – The historic house belonged to the Barrett family, one of the most famous members being Victorian age poet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Construction began in 1789. After the tour, have a beer in the pub.
  15. National Gallery of Jamaica – It contains a comprehensive collection of early, modern and contemporary art from Jamaica and the Caribbean. 
  16. Glass Bottom Boat – Explore Jamaica’s underwater beauty from a glass bottom boat.
  17. Sunken Pirate City – An earthquake in 1692 swallowed the city of Port Royal and it now sets 40 ft. below the water’s surface. Once dubbed “the most wicked and sinful city in the world,” it was known around the globe for pirates, sex workers, and “demon rum.” It’s a National Heritage Site, special permission is required to dive it, and many artifacts now reside in the island’s Museum’s of History and Ethnography.
  18. Snorkeling – There are numerous snorkeling opportunities in Jamaica that can be booked as stand-alone activities or part of a multi-faceted tour.
  19. White Witch of Rose Hall – A former plantation, the previous owner was known as the White Witch and she’s said to still haunt the plantation. A song was written about her by country music legend, Johnny Cash.
  20. YS Falls – Take a dip in the pool at the bottom of the 7-tiered waterfall on a guided tour and enjoy the rope swings.
  21. Ziplining – There are multiple locations where visitors can zipline through the treetops.

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