The 9 Best Ice Cream Flavors at Devon House

Best Ice Cream Flavors at Devon House

Jamaicans believe there is no better ice cream in the world than our own Devon House Ice Cream. Ranked #4 on Nat Geo’s top ten list of places to have ice cream, Devon House serves up some of the most unique and rich ice cream flavors. Here is a list of the best flavors you can have there:

Blue Mountain Coffee Ice Cream

Blue Mountain Coffee Ice Cream  –  Jamaica is famous for Blue Mountain coffee so it was only natural it would be made into a coffee. The coffee is known worldwide is rated by experts as one of the best in the world. You have not tasted coffee ice cream until you have tasted Devon House’s Blue Mountain Coffee Ice cream.

Sweetsop Ice CreamSweetsop is also known as Sugar Apple and its fruit may either be sweet, tangy or a bit acidic. This fruit is naturally highly medicinal and nutritive. Devon House has spun this wonderful combination into one of the most exotic flavored ice cream on the island, that is also unique to their brand.

Coconut Ice Cream – If you grew up in Jamaica eating coconut as a snack comes natural. From coconut drop to the raw hard coconut meat with brown sugar. The devon house team has captured the essence of the coconut and delivered well with this flavor.

butter almond ice cream

Butter Almond Ice Cream – Cream and nuts combined are a match made in heaven; amazing! Devon House gives you a very smooth, thick creamy vanilla ice cream base, with a buttery flavor and lots of crunchy almonds. A good win for almond lovers!

Devon Stout Ice Cream – Devon Stout is an all time favorite among ice cream lovers and is a replica of the malt beer Dragon stout, just without the alcohol. The malt flavor is quite strong and adds a contrasting bitter taste to the sweet taste of the cream, a combination that gives a rather intriguing taste.

Guava Ice Cream – Jamaica is said to be where the Guava ice cream was perfected. This savoury fruit is the absolute best when paired with cream. No other ice cream outlets will give you guava ice cream comparable to that from Devon House.

Rum and raisin Ice Cream – Rum and raisin is an all time classic flavor ice cream and the flavor of choice for Jamaicans on a Sunday afternoon. This ice cream flavor gives you a burst of dried raisins accentuated with a kick of rum. Everyone usually enjoys this flavor, even the kids.

Grape-nut Ice Cream – Contrary to the name, this popular ice cream has neither grapes or nuts. Grape-nut is a breakfast cereal made from wheat and barley. It is added to the ice cream base both to give a malty flavour and also some crunchiness to the ice cream.

mango ice cream

Mango Ice CreamMangoes are an all time favorite on the island. Devon house has combined the soft, juicy and smooth taste of the fruit to make this incredible sweet treat that is a must especially for mango lovers.

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