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6 Marcia Griffiths Lyrics You Need in Your Life

Marcia Griffiths has always been a sensational reggae artist. She is known to speak to the heart of her fans from all around the world  with her lyrics always being reflective of what most people have experienced. Some people say Griffiths’ music brings  a empowering energy that constantly reminds us to appreciate life and live it without regrets. It offers valuable life lessons that can guide you on your journey. Here are 10 Marcia Griffiths lyrics that you need in your life.

It’s Electric! Boogie Woogie, Woogie! – Electric Boogie (The Electric Slide), 1990

Advice: Shake it up a little, keep the energy and enthusiasm alive in your life.

Feel Like Jumping, Lord I Feel Like Shouting Now – Feel Like Jumping, 1978

Advice: Embrace the joy and enthusiasm that life can bring.

Stand Firm and Keep the Faith, Your Reward Shall Be Great – Stepping Out of Babylon, 1978

Remember that despite the challenges, with perseverance, your circumstances will change for the better.

Even Though I’m Old, I’m Young. A Little Weak but I Know That I’m Strong– I Shall Sing, 1993

Despite your age, maintain a resilient spirit and inner strength to face all challenges

Am Not a Toy, I’m a Woman! I Don’t Play Those Childish Games –  Childish Games, 1995

Marcia reminds you to know your worth, state your worth and don’t compromise on it.

Baby You Can’t Turn a Key Without Love– First Cut, 1971

Love is the key to everything.

The next time you’re feeling a little low, don’t hesitate to turn on some Marcia Griffiths. Guaranteed she will remind you how to live with enthusiasm and authenticity and most importantly trust yourself.

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