A Weh You Get Da New Clarks Deh Popcaan? Dancehall Artist is the Face of Clarks Latest Campaign

Jamaican dancehall artist Popcaan and British footwear titan Clarks have teamed up. This partnership introduces a new Wallabee line design set to the brand’s Originals collection that hit selected retailers and online stores on November 10, 2023. The collaboration is a significant blend of Popcaan’s  “Unruly” persona and the classic appeal of Clarks’ footwear.

A Nod to Street Culture

Popcaan, a prominent figure in the dancehall scene, has had a longstanding connection with Clarks, a brand that resonates deeply with the street culture in Jamaica. The artist’s earliest memories of Clarks are tied to his childhood desire for the shoes, which were then a symbol of status and respect. The collaboration is said to be a natural progression for Popcaan, who in 2010 was featured on Vybz Kartel’s  hit song “Clarks” celebrating the brand’s iconic status in Jamaica.

Unruly Style Meets Classic Design

The new Wallabee design features a bold red and black camouflage print, intertwined with Popcaan’s signature ‘Unruly’ wording, showcasing a design that’s as much about making a statement as it is about fashion. This partnership marks Popcaan’s first collaboration with Clarks Originals and showcases the artist’s personal style. The choice of the Wallabee silhouette for the collaboration is particularly telling, as Popcaan considers it his favorite Clarks shoe, and the colors chosen represent what he calls “unruly colors.”

Anticipation and Future Collaborations

This collaboration has been anticipated by fans of both the artist and the footwear brand, with the launch creating a significant buzz in the fashion community. Looking forward, the partnership between Popcaan and Clarks isn’t just a one-off event; it signals the beginning of a potentially ongoing relationship between the artist and the brand. Popcaan himself hints at more to come, suggesting that the collaboration will go “harder on the next design.”

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