Historic First-Ever Presentation by a Jamaican Accompong Maroon Chief in the United States

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, in partnership with the State of Accompong, announced a historic event featuring a first-ever presentation by a Jamaican Accompong Maroon Chief in the United States. Chief Richard Currie, the Paramount Chief of the Cockpit Country. The Accompong Maroon Chief will be the key presenter for “Sound Di Abeng: An Evening of Reasoning with Chief Richard Currie,” providing an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the rich heritage and culture of the Maroons.

Event Details

The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 25, 2024, at 3:00 PM. It will be held at the Island SPACE Caribbean Museum, 8000 W. Broward Blvd, Suite 1202, Plantation, FL 33388. Registration is available at www.islandspacefl.org/maroontalk.

Chief Currie’s Presentation

Chief Currie, a prominent leader and advocate for Indigenous rights, is eager to share insights into the unique culture of the Maroons with the Caribbean diaspora and the wider community. The event will include a panel discussion moderated by Dutty Bookman featuring esteemed Indigenous persons, including Dr. Ben Yisrael, who will delve into Maroon history and their ongoing relevance, addressing both the challenges and achievements of the Accompong Maroons.

Topics of Discussion

The evening will explore the rich history of the Maroons in the Caribbean. The Maroons are descendants of enslaved Africans who escaped from plantations and formed independent communities. Notably, the Jamaican Maroons are renowned for their resistance against British colonization, leading to the signing of a peace treaty in 1739 which granted them autonomy and land.

The panel will focus on correcting misconceptions about the Moors/Maroons, emphasizing their significant contributions to the cultural and historical landscape of the Caribbean.

Chief Currie will outline his vision for strengthening relationships within local and international Indigenous communities through cultural exchange and empowerment initiatives.

Remarks from Island SPACE

Island SPACE Caribbean Museum is committed to preserving and promoting Caribbean culture and is thrilled to host this groundbreaking event. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to meet Chief Currie, engage in enlightening discussions, and partake in a cultural experience like no other. Island SPACE co-founder David I. Muir remarked, “This event is an unprecedented milestone for Island SPACE and the Maroon community, providing a platform to educate and engage with our diaspora and allies. We aim to foster understanding and build bridges between our past, present and future.”

Interested parties can learn more and reserve their spot at www.islandspacefl.org/maroontalk.

About Island SPACE

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About Accompong

Accompong is an autonomous Maroon community located in the Cockpit Country of Jamaica. Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, Accompong continues to celebrate and preserve the traditions of the Maroon people while advocating for indigenous rights and sustainable development.