Is this 7-Year-Old Golfer of Jamaican Descent the Next Tiger Woods?

At just seven years old, Ashton O’Kola is already a name to remember in the golfing world. Born to Jamaican parents, O’Kola, who turns eight on April 5, has made significant waves in the sport, participating in tournaments across the globe. His early start in golf at the tender age of two, under the guidance of the David Marshall Academy, has set the foundation for a promising career.

A Rising Star in Global Golf

In 2023, O’Kola’s golfing talent shone brightly. He claimed victories in renowned tournaments like the Barbados Junior Grand Slam and the Big 5 in South Africa, demonstrating his exceptional abilities on an international level. His win at the Doral tournament in the USA, where he outperformed competitors like Dacio Diaz of Florida and Canada’s Edouard Marchand, marked a notable highlight in his young career.

Poised Under Pressure

O’Kola’s mental resilience is as impressive as his technical skill. He has matured significantly in his approach to the game, learning to manage his emotions and stay focused. “No, when I’m on the course I don’t feel anything, I just try to make the next shot better,” O’Kola explains, reflecting his calm and composed demeanor during competitions.

Looking Ahead to 2024

With an eye on the 2024 Junior World Championships at Pinehurst and the ambition to defend his title at the Pepsi Little People’s, O’Kola is gearing up for another impactful year. His journey from swinging his first club at two years old to his current achievements is a testament to his dedication and potential. His coach, David Marshall, a seasoned golf instructor, highlights O’Kola’s competitive nature and thirst for learning as key factors in his development.

As O’Kola continues to excel and take on more international challenges, comparisons with golf legends like Tiger Woods are becoming more frequent. His achievements at such a young age, coupled with his dedication and passion for golf, signal a bright future ahead. Representing not just Barbados but also his Jamaican heritage, O’Kola is on a path that could very well lead him to become one of golf’s greats.

Photo Courtesy of the O’Kola Family/Carole Beckford