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LA Dodgers Listens to Bob Marley to Stay Relaxed before World Series Game 7

Bob Marley

Dave Roberts, the manager of the LA Dodgers, reported that the team’s players listened to Bob Marley’s music in the clubhouse to stay loose before Game 7 of the 2017 World Series Championship. In spite of their loss to the Houston Astros, the Dodgers can still point to the positive effects of “chilling out” with reggae as their new go-to solution for pre-game jitters. The Astros victory was the team’s first World Series title in their history.

As far as “chilling” goes, researchers at the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals have found that reggae reduced the stress levels of shelter dogs. The scientists used six-hour Spotify playlists in five genres and measured the dogs’ heart rate, cortisol levels and behaviors like barking. The dogs were less stressed overall when listening to any of the music genres, but showed a slight preference for reggae and soft rock, according to Neil Evans, a professor of integrative physiology. Evans noted, however, that the dogs were individuals who had definite likes and dislikes in music, just like people.

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