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Men Make Dinner Day: 5 Simple Jamaican Recipes To Prove You’re King Of The Kitchen

Men Make Dinner Day Simple Jamaican Recipes To Try
Men Make Dinner Day Simple Jamaican Recipes

“Men Make Dinner Day” – Simple Jamaican Recipes

Every first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day. It’s a day for a man to make dinner for his family, friends or whomever he pleases. The holiday does not mean men have a “pass” not to cook the rest of the year, but it’s a day for men to practice their culinary skills in the kitchen. Some of the rules of the “holiday”  include include no interference policy for the women of the household, no feeding the resulting meal to a pet, and no grilling or barbecuing. Here are 5 simple Jamaican recipe ideas that men should consider for “National Men Make Dinner Day”.

1. Curry Chicken

2. Brown Stew Chicken


3. Caribbean Lobster Salad
Caribbean Lobster Salad

4. Jamaican Red Stripe Beef Stew Recipe

5. Sweet and Sour Fish


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