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Jamaican Food Fight: White Yam vs Yellow Yam – Guess Who Won?

We asked our Facebook fans who would win a Jamaican food fight between White Yam vs Yellow Yam. Here are the results and what some of what our fans wrote. Feel free to add your own comments.

Vote count:
White Yam  –  20%
Yellow Yam  –  80%

Selected Comments:

M McLeod – Yellow…dry and nice from St. Bess….best!

J Dias – yellow would win in my chicken foot soup today

T Akinrele – A good dry yellow yam in some chicken or beef soup! Maaannn that would WORK right about now!!!!

D Graham – yellow beat every time

J Campbell – Yellow yam all the way!


K LuvKishawn – Casey White yam with sum curry chicken back

S MixupstarGirl – Banton White! Dat shit nice all wid stew chicken gravy! Curry chicken! Cyaaaa go wrong

T Powell – Mi love yellow but mi hate it when it bitter, Di past couple times I bought yellow yam it bitter so till mi couldn’t eat it. So it’s safer to buy white yam if you don’t know how to pick yam lollll.

A Bent – Curry chicken ,green banana,yellow yam and dumpling.Wash it down with some carrot juice.

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