The 11 Best Souvenirs from Jamaica for You to Bring Home

Everyone wants a souvenir from where they’ve traveled and visitors to Jamaica have a wealth of choices. Souvenirs can be found in any of the nation’s cities and will be highly treasured for a lifetime.

1. Blue Mountain Coffee
Grown in the volcanic soil of the country’s Blue Mountain region, its distinct lack of bitterness and rich flavor has made it an international favorite. Authentic Blue Mountain Coffee will have the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica certification mark.

2. Hot Sauce
Scotch Bonnet pepper, one of the hottest in the world, looms large in the preparation of Jamaican hot sauce. Regularly used in Jamaican cuisine, the sauce brings the heat to any dish.

3. Jamaican Flag Dolls
An ideal souvenir to honor anyone’s visit to Jamaica are handmade Jamaican stuffed dolls. Filled with sponge or other soft materials, the dolls are clothed with bandana garments of plaid material that’s a symbol of Jamaican’s heritage.

4. Wood Carvings
Jamaican craftsmen produce some of the most detailed, intricate and creative wood crafts to be found. Carvings run the gamut from jewelry and animals to serving trays. They typically reflect Jamaican culture and are carved from lignum vitae, Jamaica’s national wood. Visitors will also find carvings of cedar, dogwood and mahogany.

Jamaican White Overproof Rum

5. Jamaican White Overproof Rum
Jamaica has been known for its rum products for centuries. Connoisseurs and novices won’t want to end their sojourn without a bottle of the dry, white rum. Made from the by-products of sugar cane grown on the island, it’s sweet to the taste and has a delicate flavor.

6. Jamaican Oil Paintings
Bring home the beauty of Jamaica with an original oil painting created by one of the talented local artists. Visitors can choose from paintings encompassing sunsets, turquoise waters, stunning beaches, village life and festivals.

7. Calabash Wooden BowlsFunctional and highly decorative, calabash bowls are hand-carved from the fruit of the calabash tree.

8. Leather Sandals
Comfortable and stylish, the leather sandals made in Jamaica are great for traversing the island or taking back home to show off to family and friends.

9. Jerk Spice Sauces
Tourists can take home a taste of Jamaica and add spice to their dishes with a bottle of authentic jerk spice sauces. They’re found in supermarkets throughout the island and feature the unique blend of herbs and spices for which Jamaica jerked cuisine is known.

10. Jamaican Rum Cream
The inclusion of local flavors in its creation gives Jamaican Rum Cream its unique flavor. The country’s rum can incorporate native fruits, nuts and spices for a mellow drink that will bring back fond memories of Jamaica.

11. Jamaican Castor Oil
Organic Jamaican castor oil is great for hair and skin. The way the castor oil is processed results in an oil that retains more of its natural properties.

Photo – Deposit Photos