The 12 Most Popular Jamaican Articles for 2022

The 12 Most Popular Jamaican Articles for 2022

Based on Analytics for Jamaicans.com, visitors to the site in 2022 displayed a strong interest in understanding and learning about Jamaica’s patois language, as well as knowing English equivalents of common phrases. Jamaican food also attracted considerable interest. In addition to searching for articles about Jamaican patois, visitors wanted to know about famous Jamaicans, greetings to use while visiting Jamaica, information about how Jamaicans flirt and Jamaican proverbs. Here are the 12 most popular Jamaican articles for 2022.

  1. Article Title – 80 Common Jamaican Patois Sentences That Will Help You Learn The Language
  2. Article Title – 18 Jamaican Patois Phrases Translated to English
  3. Article Title – 20 Essential Jamaican Patois Phrases Translated to English
  4. Article Title – How Much do you Know About These 7 Amazing Leaf of Life Benefits?
  5. Article Title – 10 Jamaican Greetings That You Should Know Before You Go
  6. Article Title – Top 10 Famous Jamaicans
  7. Article Title – 9 Things You Never Want To Hear A Jamaican Say About You
  8. Article Title – 9 Phrases Only a Jamaican Would Understand
  9. Article Title – Jamaican Proverbs on Warnings
  10. Article Title – 8 Jamaican Patois Terms for Flirting
  11. Article Title – 6 Phrases Jamaican Men Say When They’re Really Into You
  12. Article Title – 6 Jamaican Breakfasts That Make You Feel Like a Champion

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